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Welcome to the rodent_icontest, a very new icontest dedicated to rodent pets: hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, degus, chinchillas, rats, mice and other little rodent friends.
Our first challenge can be found in the entry below this. Go to see it and please join&enter, if you feel like that :)
Voting will begin when there are enough entries from different people.

Do you not know what is an icontest?
Icontest is simply put an icon contest. In each, weekly changing challenge, the maintainer (me) gives a theme or pictures, and members make icons on the theme. In the end of week, the maintainer makes a voting post, and members vote for their favourites to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place as well as some other categories like Most Creative, Best Text etc. Moderator chooses one icon that gets the Mod's Choice award. After a couple of days the winners are announced and they get little banners as the prize.

I am Elenloth, your moderator :) I use here my graphics journal's username, cb_graphics, but you can call me Elen.
I'm a teenager animal lover from Finland. I have always loved rodents - so far I've had rabbits (well, they're not rodents but anyway), gerbils and hamsters. At the moment I am the proud owner of three Winter White Russian hamsters. The two girls' color is sapphire, the only boy is normal-coloured.
Besides rodents I love reading, espesially fantasy literature, horses&riding and making websites.

So you like rodents? And icons? Then go join!

Any questions? Complaints? Suggestions? Something else? Whatever it is, feel free to post a comment!
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