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// Theme for our first challenge is race: hamster. There are both base and image challenge this time.
- any breed is fine, both Syrians and dwarfs. However, it must be a tame hamster, a pet, not a wild animal.
-there can be one or more hamsters in the icon, as well as some other animals if they're in the original photo.

//There are both base and image challenge this time.
- to enter the base challenge, save the base to your computer. Then you modify it, add textures, brushes, texts/whatever you want but not any other pictures. It can also be recropped or resized (the final size of the icon must be 100x100, anyway)
- to enter the image challenge, save some of the images provided to your comp or use some other. Crop and (possibly) resize it, modify any other way you want, add textures, brushes, texts and other pictures - blending is allowed in this challenge.

// Post your entries in a comment to this post.
- in order to enter, you must be a member of this community
- include both the icon&its URL address or it won't accepted
- you may submit up to 3 icons for the base challenge and 3 for the image challenge

// Rest of the basic submission rules are here. They're quite the same as in most icontests.

Challenge #01A: Base

Challenge #01B: Images
You do not have to use these pictures. You can use any picture, if there's a pet hamster in it.
NOTE: Do not steal anyone's photos of their hamsters! If you do not have hammie pics of your own or don't know where to find them, use these.

click images for bigger versions

// Submission deadline will be decided when there are enough members in this community.
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